My Picks For the Best Skin Care Products For Women Over 50

By: Chris Freytag, CPT // February 8, 2023

I have always been one to celebrate aging. I promote and stand for feeling good in your skin at any age. But in 2015, turning 50 was an eye-opener for me. So finding the best skin care for women over 50 has been a personal journey for me.

In my early 50’s my skin started to change more than in the previous decades. And suddenly what worked in my 30s and 40s wasn’t working anymore. Therefore, I have spent the last 7 years finding the best skin care for aging skin.

I didn’t go into it looking for bargain products but ended up finding that many of the products that work for mature skin were items that were actually affordable. 

If you don’t know me, I’m 57 years old and I’ve worked in fitness for 35 years. I sweat every day and I love to walk outside in the sun.

I don’t wear makeup every day. In fact, I often forget. I do love to dress up and get made up but I mostly reserve that for weekends or going to an event. I’ve adapted an easy skincare routine to keep my skin feeling fresh and not feel like I have to cover my face with makeup every day.  

People email and DM me every week asking about my skincare routine, so I want to share with you the products I use on a daily basis.

These are the best anti-aging skin care products that work for me.  And maybe I should phrase it differently, it’s not “anti-aging” it’s “graceful aging!”


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    Best Skin Care Products For Women Over 50

    This post may include affiliate links which means I may earn a small commission if you shop using the links below at no additional cost to you.

    Products to Cleanse, Exfoliate and Moisturize Your Face

    1. Zenmed Gentle Cleansing Cream

    I sweat every day so washing my face after my workout is a must. I also wash my face every night before bed whether I have makeup on or not. 

    However, in my early 50s I had to change cleansers. I developed rosacea which is normal for over 50 and fair skin. All of the sudden I had all the red bumps and red splotches popping up along with some white pustules around my jawline.

    I freaked out and did what every woman would do.

    Woman showing face with rosacea.
    My rosacea break out!

    I sat and googled for hours. I came upon a product line specifically for rosacea that had hundreds of great reviews from women like me. I was looking for mild, nonirritating products and found this cleanser. 

    It was surprisingly affordable, so I decided to try it and 7 years later I still use the Zen Med Gentle Cleaner on my face. I love the feeling and it’s gentle on my skin. 

    It minimized my redness and leaves my face feeling calm not dry. It’s also 100% vegetable based and uses clean ingredients.

    2. Zenmed Anti-Redness Mask

    Exfoliating is all about helping to remove dead skin cells and rejuvenate the skin. I am not one for scrubs since the little particles are typically too harsh for my sensitive skin so I prefer a mask. 

    This Zenmed anti-redness mask is amazing. I use it once a week although you can use it daily. This mask is great for those of us with rosacea or those of us with mature skin to keep it nourished. 

    It contains willow bark extract and aloe vera gel to provide anti-inflammatory and anti-irritant properties for our over 50 skin. My skin feels bright and soft when I use it.

    3. ZENMED Support Serum

    This became my evening moisturizer for about 5 years. It’s a soothing cream serum that calms and hydrates the skin. The therapeutic herbal actives are great for all aging skin types but especially if you are prone to redness or have sensitive skin.

    Like all Zenmed products, it’s a vegan formula with clean ingredients. When I started using it, it immediately cleared up my skin and gave me a more even skin tone. 

    Like I said, I used it in the evening for many years. However, in the last 2 years, my skin has felt drier and duller.

    Therefore, I have switched to an evening routine with the Rosehip + licorice moisturizer below. I still use this support serum in the morning and anytime during the day if I feel dry.

    4. ZENMED Rosehip + Licorice Redness Relief Moisturizer

    As we know, we have to stay flexible as we age because skin and bodies change and we all need to be open to new things.  This is where the Zenmed Rosehip + Licorice moisturizer comes into play for me.

    At about age 55, I needed an evening cream that was even more intensely moisturizing and soothing. This Rosehip + Licorice Redness Relief Moisturizer came to the rescue and is crazy luxuriously creamy and ultra-hydrating. 

    As they say on their website, “We created this bioidentical pH moisturizer with Rosehip Oil and Licorice Root that improves the appearance of the main hallmarks of hormonally aging skin: dryness, sensitivity, and dullness.”

    It keeps my skin from flushing and flaring especially in the super cold winter weather.

    And if you are wondering, I do use this year-round. Even in the humid summer, this level of hydration is key for my 57-year-old skin!

    All of the Zenmed products are vegan formulas with absolutely no parabens and clean ingredients.

    5. ZENMED L-Ascorbic Booster

    This product is what I call my “miracle worker.” This potent Vitamin C serum works especially well on sun damage such as age spots and freckles, helping improve uneven skin tone and dullness.

    It helps visibly improve environmental damage and helps to volumize and refresh my skin.

    People say to me, “Your skin looks young and dewy” and I think it’s this product that gives me that boost. I use it all over my face, neck and décolleté every morning.

    Zenmed says it boosts collagen levels and softens wrinkles. All I know is my skin feels and looks more glowing.

    My Favorite Skin Care Product For Your Lips

    1. Laneige Lip Sleeping Mask

    Chris Freytag putting on lanaige lip balm.

    I hopped on this trend after seeing it on Instagram all the time and now I’m addicted to the Laneige Lip Sleeping Mask.

    It’s a leave-on lip mask that delivers intense moisture and antioxidants while you sleep. This lip mask contains murumuru seed and shea butter and feels so amazing on your lips.

    Truth be told, I use it during the day too! I’ve never had a lip balm that is more soothing and hydrating.

    Sunscreen Skin Care Products For Women Over 50

    1. Revision Skincare Intellishade Original Tinted Moisturizer SPF 45

    This is my go-to everyday face moisturizer with an SPF and a sheer tint that conceals and protects my skin. After my workout and shower, on a clean face, I first put the Zenmed Vitamin C serum and then this Revision Intellishade tinted SPF moisturizer. 

    You should wear SPF everyday, especially as we age.

    I did enough damage to my skin as a kid, but we know better now. This has a broad-spectrum SPF 45 that is formulated to correct, protect, conceal, brighten, and hydrate skin.

    I love the way it goes on and the way it blends in with my skin tone.

    The original formula is ideal for all skin types, especially normal and dry skin. There are a few other formulas but by far most skin tones and types work with this one.

    Also, this product is formulated without parabens, phthalates and alcohol.

    2. EltaMD UV Sport Broad Spectrum SPF 50 Sunscreen Sport Lotion

    EltaMD SPF 50 Sunscreen is awesome for the face and body. (Yes you can use it on your face if you don’t want a tinted SPF.) It’s water resistant up to 80 minutes, and is a non-greasy, oil-free formula with zinc oxide.

    The zinc oxide is transparent, so you don’t get a white film on your skin. Most dermatologists will recommend this one to you. I love it!

    Best Moisturizers For Women Over 50

    1. The Honest Company Hydrating Face + Body Lotion

    I need to mention body moisturizer because as much time as we dedicate to looking at our faces, our whole body needs love too. 

    I was lucky enough to hear Jessica Alba speak in person about how and why she created the Honest brand. It started with her daughter’s sensitive skin.

    She quickly became a crusader for educating her fans on the fact that everything you put on, in and around your body matters.

    She created the Honest line for babies and adults using ingredients that you can trust. All clean, hypoallergenic and no testing on animals.

    I love this body lotion for my arms, legs, and basically whole body. It’s non-greasy and so creamy. All the scents are good but I use the Lavender Calm the most.

    Other Skincare Products Worth Mentioning

    1. Stainless Steel Ice Roller For The Face

    Chris Freytag holding an ice roller as one of the best skin care products for women over 50

    While this may not be a traditional anti-aging cream or serum, this stainless steel ice roller definitely makes my list as a best skin care product for women over 50. Keep this handy tool in your freezer.

    This ice roller is amazing in the morning after a late or sleepless night. Or whenever you feel puffiness on the face and eye area, gently use the ice roller on your skin.

    The frozen roller can quickly shrink pores, promote blood circulation and soothe fatigue. It can also help to relieve headaches.

    For me, it’s a quick fix when I feel a little tired looking!

    2. Kitsch Dermaplaning Tool

    Women for years have been spending money at the spa to get their faces derma-planed. Well, I am here to tell you that dermaplaning is another word for shaving.

    You can take your own peach fuzz off your face, eye area and lip using this safe tool. It’s so easy and I’ve been doing it for 20 years and no, I haven’t grown a beard yet.

    Save yourself some money and do it yourself. Plus, I think shaving is another form of exfoliation so it’s a win-win.

    3. ERASE YOUR FACE Face Reusable Makeup Removing Cloths

    Chris Freytag holding up Erase Your Face facial towels.

    These washcloths claim all you need is water. I personally use the Zenmed cleanser with them above because I just don’t feel like my face is clean without it.

    But these clothes are so soft and gentle on your eyes and face as you remove the makeup.

    Once you try them, you’ll never go back to a gritty washcloth. I love them!

    4. Sensibio – H2O Micellar Water – Makeup Remover Cleanser

    Pour some onto a cotton cleansing cloth and gently wipe your makeup away. This product is amazing and great for sensitive skin and eyes.

    With rosacea, I try to stay away from weird oils or chemicals.

    This brand is well respected and this product is gentle and effective. Plus, you can buy a travel size which is so good for the carry-on suitcase!

    5. MISSION Cooling Performance Hat- Unisex Baseball Cap

    Chris Freytag wearing a tan full zip jacket with a white mission baseball cap.

    I mentioned earlier I am a walker and I love the sun but protection is key. I wear a baseball cap on most every walk and this is my go-to hat. I have it in 3 colors.

    This hat is lightweight, adjustable and has 50 SPF protection in the fabric. It’s moisture-wicking and great for the heat.

    I throw it in the washing machine often and it holds its shape very well.

    As long as you are taking care of your beautiful face, keep it out of the sun!

    6. Colorescience Brush-On Sunscreen Mineral Powder

    Colorscience mineral powder being held in front of plants and candles.

    I’ve been using the Colorescience Sunscreen Brush for about 8 years.

    It’s a lightweight mineral powder that is widely recommended by dermatologists. It’s 100% all-mineral with no chemicals and a SPF of 50.

    I put it over my sunscreen and carry it in my purse to just freshen it up throughout the day as needed. It’s seriously my favorite.  

    Ready to try my best skin care products for women over 50? Let me know which ones you love!


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