How To Do Single Leg Hamstring Bridge

By: Chris Freytag, CPT

Chris Freytag demonstrating a Single Leg Hamstring Bridge

Single Leg Hamstring Bridge is a great exercise that strengthens the hamstrings, glutes, core and lower back. Lunges and squats are known for strengthening the glutes and legs, but many people are prevented from doing them due to knee injuries or other impedements. If you learn how to do Bridge Pose you will have a no squat, no lunge way of strengthening and lifting your booty and sculpting your legs!

When practicing the Single Leg Hamstring Bridge try and keep your hips lifted and even from right to left. It is common for one side to slightly tilt, but with strength from your hamstring, glute and especially your core, you can work on keeping your body stable and centered. Also, be sure to keep your neck relaxed during this exercise.

During the Single Leg Hamstring Bridge you might feel cramping in the hamstring. Because this move is so hamstring-intense, this is very common. Simply pause, stretch out your leg, and try again. Over time it will improve.

A bonus feature of the Single Leg Hamstring Bridge is the stretch that you get in the chest and front of the hips. So much of our time is spent bending forward during the day. Even in our workout, think of how many exercises have you bend or hinge forward. This exercise is one of the few that opens the front side of the body and gives you an alternative posture.

Practice the Single Leg Hamstring Bridge a couple times a week and try our workout How to Build a Better Butt.

Here are the steps to performing Single Leg Hamstring Bridge:

1) Lie on back with bent knees hip distance apart, and feet flat on mat stacked under the knees. Extend one leg long towards the ceiling.

2) Squeeze glutes and lift hips off the mat into a bridge. Lower and lift the hips for desired number of reps then repeat on other side.

Targets: hamstrings, glutes, quads



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